Pomegranate Peel P.E.

Pomegranate Peel P.E.

Part of Used: Peel of fruit 
Active Ingredients: Ellagic Acid 
Characteristics: Grey fine powder 
Specs Available: Ellagic Acid 40%,90%
E11agic Acid is a natural multi-hydroxybenzene ,which is universally existing in all kinds of vegetation organizations such as soft fruit and hard fruit and so on. This product of our company produces is extracted from Pomegranate Peel. It is a dimeric ramification of nutgall acid, one kind of multi-hydroxybenzene two-inside ester. It can not only exist in the form of dissociation,but also more often in the form of compound (tan-flower tannin, licorice etc.)in nature.It is easy for Ellagic Acid to combine with the metal cation such as Ca2+Mg2. The melting point of E11agic Acid is above 360C, it is slightly easy to dissolve in water and mellow, it is easy to dissolve in alkali and it is not easy to dissolve in aether.
Main Function
1.The anticancer and anti- mutation performance.
It is discovered by the experimentation that E11agic Acid has the obvious restrainability function to the carcinomatous changes which are stimulated by chemical material and to other carcinomatous changes. E11agic Acid has especially excellent restrainability function to colonic cancer, oesophagus cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, tong and skin intumesce cancer etc.
2. The restrainable function to human immunodeficiency virus
E11agic Acid and some of the E11agic tannin is proven to have the restrainable function to human immunodeficiency virus and bird's AMV for their reversion enzyme and cell and cell DNA of polymerization enzyme.

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