Lavandula Pedunculata/Lavender Extract

Lavandula Pedunculata/Lavender Extract

Latin Name:  Lavandula pedunculata 
Plant source: The whole herb of Lavandula pedunculata 
Appearance: Brown fine powder or light purple powder
Lavender extract can prevent viral infectious diseases.
Lavender extract can refresh, and enhance memory; has great help on study.
Lavender extract can suppress high blood pressure, allergic rhinitis or asthma.
Lavender extract can relieve nerve, builds character, with the promotion of sleep magic.
Lavender extract has effect on promoting blood circulation, curing acne and nourishing hair.
Lavender extract has high effect on preventing ants, cockroach, mites, can put closet, under the pillow.
Lavender extract can modulate physiological functions. Fine lavender powder strengthen the immune system.
Lavender extract maintains respiratory function, on the nose and throat mucositis have a good effect, can be used to bath.
Lavender are believed to soothe insect bites, burns, and headaches. Bunches of lavender repel insects. In pillows, lavender seeds and flowers aid sleep and relaxation. An infusion of lavender added to a cup of boiling water soothes and relaxes at bedtime. Lavender also treats skin burns and inflammatory conditions.
A recent clinical study investigated anxiolytic effects and influence on sleep quality. Lavender oil with a high percentage of linalool and linalyl acetate, in the form of capsules, was generally well tolerated. Lavender showed meaningful efficacy in alleviating anxiety and related sleep disturbances.

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