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Ginseng P.E.

Posted at 09/10/27
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Ginseng P.E.

Product Name:Ginseng P.E. 
Part of Used: Leaf and stem/Root 
Active Ingredients: Ginsenosides 
Characteristics: Yellow Browm Fine Powder 
Specs Available: Ginsenosides 30%,80%(UV/HPLC)

Ginseng has a history going back 5,000 years. It was the most valued in herbal medicine in the Orient. Ginseng has been highly regarded in the Far East. However, over the last decade it has gained popularity in the West. Ginseng is grown on mountain slope in East Asia (China, Korea). The roots are harvested in the autumn from plants 6-7 years old. The major active ingredient in ginseng is Ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are a class of steroid-like compounds. Ginseng is highly prized as an adaptogen. Due to its adaptogenic properties ginseng is used to lower cholesterol, increase energy and endurance, reduce fatigue and effects of stress, as well as prevent infections. It can alleviate some major effects of aging, such as degeneration of the blood system and increase mental and physical capacity. It even appears to help people with diabetes. 
Main Function   
1. Increases memory
2. Helps with radiation damage
3. Acts as an antioxidant
4. Benefits Insomnia & sleep disorder
5. Inhibits blood coagulation
6. Increases overall citality
7. Improves vision and hearing
8. Strengthen nervous system
9. Benefits menopausal stages
10. Works as general stimulant
11. Removes toxins from body
12. Slows degeneration of cells
13. Increases longevity 

25kg/Fiber Drums

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