Giant Knotwee Rhizome P.E.

Giant Knotwee Rhizome P.E.

Specification :3%
Giant knotweed rhizome along with root belonging to polygonum, pdygonaceae is a kind of perennial herb. It is mainly produced in China. Cuspidatin,purple extract powder derived from it tastes bitter with cool character.
Botanical name: polygonum cuspidatum sieb
Part used: rhizome
Appearance: orange or redish brown powder
1) Promoting blood circulation and relieving pain in menopause, 
Arthralgia due to wind-cold-dampness and traumatic injury;
2) Clearing away pathogenic heat and dampness in moist heat ICT and 
3) Clearing away heat and expelling toxin in scald, sore and 
carbuncle as well as snakebite;
4) Stopping coughing and resolving phlegm in curing the lung heat;
5) Clearing away heat and loosing the bowels in caring the 
constipation resulting from heat.

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