T7 DNA Polymerase

T7 DNA Polymerase

Specification:1,000 U, 5,000 U
Concentration:10,000 U/ml
Product description:T7 DNA Polymerase, a template dependent DNA polymerase, catalyzes DNA synthesis in the 5'=>3' direction. It is a highly processive DNA polymerase allowing continuous synthesis of long stretches of DNA. The enzyme also exhibits a high 3'=>5' exonuclease activity towards single- and double-stranded DNA.
Product application:
Purification of covalently closed circular DNA by removal of residual genomic DNA
2.Primer extension reactions on long templates
3.DNA 3'-end labeling
4.Strand extensions in site-directed mutagenesis
5.Fill-in blunting of 5'-overhang DNA
6.Second strand synthesis of cDNA
7.In situ detection of DNA fragmentation associated with apoptosis

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