Natural Menthol

Natural Menthol

Appearance: colorless transparent prismatic or needle-like crystals
Aroma: Asian species with the characteristic aroma of natural menthol.
Melting point:42~44℃ 
Do not play material: 0.05%
Solubility: 25 ℃ 1 g when the sample soluble in 5ml, 99% ethanol should be presented in a transparent solution.
Specific rotation:-49°~-50°(25℃) Neutral litmus paper test 
Main character:
Excellent cool, itching, inflammation, contraction of the role of the skin
Natural menthol is a colorless transparent prismatic or needle-like crystals, Asian species with the characteristic aroma of natural brain.
Natural menthol is freezing from the  menthol of crystallization isolated in China's crude oil  , used For the preparation of food, tobacco, toothpaste, cosmetic fragrance,medicinal, etc. Product implementated advanced foreign standard American FCC (IV)、 Japanese food additives Kimisada property, Similar products of its kind with the international advanced quality of comparative results: meet and some exceed the level of Japan Toyo Corporation products.

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