Matrixyl 3000

Matrixyl 3000

Appearance: White powder 
Matrixyl 3000 "is a period of less than or equal to 20 amino acid sequence, is the skin injury has not healed after skin matrix hydrolysate. Collagen and elastic protein and fiber connection protein and fiber soluble peptide protein hydrolysis, the soluble peptides are autocrine and paracrine regulation messenger, can regulate wound healing protein expression. KTTKS Matrixyl 3000 contains five peptides (referred to as micro collagen, is derived from the former collagen hydrolysate a1 chain), three peptides GHK (from type I collagen hydrolysate a2 chain) as well as other various from elastin and laminin - 5 peptides. 
Activity in the studied area
 --As anti-wrinkle anti-aging facial and body care; 
--Eye repair; 
--Face, neck and hand care products; 

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