Glycerox 767

Glycerox 767

Chemical name :  PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides
Characteristics and Application : 
Glycerox 767 is a hydrophilic emollient ester based on materials of non-animal origin. It is a pale yellow, oily liquid having a faint bland odour. Glycerox 767 is completely water soluble,but in common with other nonionics its solubility varies inversely with temperature.Glycerox 767 is chemically stable within the pH ranges normally employed in cosmetic preparations.
Glycerox 767 may be employed as a superfatting agent and mildness additive in all detergent-based skin and hair cleansing compositions eg. shampoos or liquid soaps, without adversely effecting the foaming properties of the product. It also assists in solubilisation of lipophilic additives, such as perfumes and herbal extracts, which might be incorporated into such compositions.
Glycerox 767 may also act as a vehicle or solubiliser for perfumes and essential oils in bath essence and fragrance products. In bath oils, Glycerox 767 is an effective dispersing agent.Due to its excellent aqueous and aqueous alcoholic solubility, Glycerox 767 is an ideal component for incorporation into after shaves, colognes, body splashes and hair tonics where it functions as both emollient and perfume solubiliser.
 In emulsion systems Glycerox 767 can be employed as an oil-in-water emulsifier, having an HLB value of 13.2.
Features :
 ·emollient/superfatting agent
 ·water soluble
 ·alcohol/aqueous alcohol soluble
 ·pale colour/low odour
 ·minimal effect on foaming
 ·mildness additive
 ·lime soap dispersant
Uses :
 ·skin care creams and lotions
 ·facial cleansers
 ·liquid soaps
 ·antiperspirant lotions/roll-ons
 ·hair shampoos
 ·hair styling lotions/gels/mousses
 ·hair tonics
 ·foam baths
 ·middot;bath oils
 ·body washes
 ·bath essences
 ·after shave lotion
 ·colognes and splashes
Health and Safety :
Glycerox 767 is considered to be an acceptable cosmetic raw material and to present no special hazard.

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