Acrylates Copolymer

Acrylates Copolymer

CAS # : 159666-35-0
Items                                    Properites
 Appearance                        white powder
 Odour                                  characteristic odour
 Solubility                              All Luvimer grades are soluble in ethanol.Neutralised 100% with AMP they are also soluble in water.
 Molecular weight               approx. 100,000
 Solids content (%)             ≥97
 K value                                34.0 – 40.0
 Acid value                           140.0 –160.0
 t-Butyl acrylate (mg/kg)    max. 100
 Ethyl acrylate (mg/kg)       max. 100
 Methacrylic acid (mg/kg)  max. 100
Characteristics and Application :  
The Luvimer grades are hair-setting polymers which are particularly suitable for use in hair sprays. As the aerosol propellant, apart from DME,propane/butane can also be used. Due to the good compatibility with water, hair sprays containing a lot of water (VOC 80, VOC 55) can also be produced.
Storage :
Luvimer 100 P can be stored in the unopened original container for at least 1 year at 25 °C.

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