Triethanolamine (TEA) Lauryl Sulfate

Triethanolamine (TEA) Lauryl Sulfate

IUPAC name: 2-[bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]ethanol; dodecyl hydrogen sulfate
Other names : TEA-Lauryl Sulfate; Dodecyl sulfate, triethanolamine salt; Tris(2-hydroxyethyl)ammonium decyl sulfate; Lauryl sulfate ester, triethanolamine salt; Tris(2-hydroxyethyl)ammoniumdodecylsulfat (German); Dodecilsulfato de tris(2-hidroxietil) amonio (Spanish); Dodécylsulfate de tris(2-hydroxyéthyl)ammonium (French); 
CAS #  : 139-96-8
Items                              Properties
 Molecular formula        CH3(CH2 )11OSO3N(CH2CH2OH)3/C18H41NO7S Molar mass                   415.58 g/mol
 Melting point                 -4 °C
 Boiling point                  100 °C
 pH                                   7.8 (10% Sol.) 
 Flash point                    93 °C
 Appearance                  Clear liquid
 Viscosity                        456 cps (at 25 °C), 1cps (at 60 °C)
Characteristics and Application :
TEA-Lauryl Sulfate is the triethanolamine salt of Lauryl Sulfate. It is a viscous, yellow liquid. In cosmetics and personal care products, TEA-Lauryl Sulfate is used in the formulation of a variety of products including shampoos, bath products, hair dyes and colors, shaving creams, and cleansing products.
The CIR Expert Panel acknowledged that cosmetics and personal care products containing TEA-Lauryl Sulfate may give rise to nitrosoamines in the presence of nitrate or other nitrosating agents. TEA-Lauryl sulfate may contain small amounts of diethanolamine, a contaminant of triethanolamine.
Uses :
Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate has reported used in the following product types: shampoo; body wash/cleanser; facial cleanser; dandruff/scalp treatment; bubble bath; conditioner; exfoliant/scrub; moisturizer; acne treatment; bar soap.

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