Chemical name :    Stearic  Acid 
CAS # : 57-11-4
Items                                        Properties 
Molecular formula                  C18H36O2 
Molar mass                             284.478 g/mol 
Density                                     0.847 g/cm3 at 70 °C 
Melting point                            69.6 °C, 343 K, 157 °F
Boiling point                            383 °C, 656 K, 721 °F
Refractive index (nD)            1.4299
Characteristics and Application :   
Stearic acid (first syllable rhymes with either bear or gear) (IUPAC systematic name: octadecanoic acid) or 18:0 is a saturated fatty acid. It is a waxy solid.
Stearic acid is useful as an ingredient in making candles, plastics, dietary supplements, oil pastels and cosmetics, and for softening rubber.It is used to harden soaps, particularly those made with vegetable oil.Esters of stearic acid with ethylene glycol, glycol stearate and glycol distearate, are used to produce a pearly effect in shampoos, soaps, and other cosmetic products. They are added to the product in molten form and allowed to crystalize under controlled conditions.
Widely used in cosmetics oily ingredientsor cleaning products.Also used as components of washing soap,the cleaning ability is strong.

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