Glycerine Monostearate

Glycerine Monostearate

INCI Name: Glyceryl Stearate
CAS No.:  123-94-4; 11099-07-3; 31566-31-1; 85666-92-8 
EINECS: 204-664-4; 234-325-6; 250-705-4
Empirical Formula:  C21H42O4
Appearance: Offer white flake 
Iodine value: (gI2 /100g) 2 Max 
Freezing point (°C): 54 Min 
Free acid (as Stearic acid); 2 Max 
Free glycerol (%):  10 Max 
Saponification value (mgKOH/g): 155-165 
AS (%):  Not more than 0.0001
Heavy metal (Pb, %): Not more than 0.0005 
α-Monoglyceride (%): Not less than 40 
Application and Characteristics
This product is mainly used in the following industries:
1.Food and candy additive, it is taken as emulsification adding chocolate, synthetic cheese, icecream, etc. as surface active solvent. 
2.Product cosmetic, skin care solvent face cream cold cream, hair oil, etc. raw material.
3.Good emulsification of medical ointment. 
4.Lubricant in plastic machining.

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