CHEMICAL Name:  1-Hydroxy-4-methyl-6-(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)-2-(1H)pyridinone,2-aminoethanol salt 
CAS No.: 68890-66-4  
EINECS NO.: 272-574-2
Appearance: White or slightly yellow crystalline powder 
Identification: Positive  
Content: Not less than 98% 
Melting point: 130 - 135°C 
Loss on drying: Not more than 2.0% 
Ash (SO4): Not more than 0.2% 
pH value(1% aq. solu. 20°C ): 8.5 - 10.0 
Heavy metals: Not more than 20ppm
Solubility: Freely soluble in 10% ethanol in water; soluble in solution containing surfactants in water or in 1%-10% ethanol; slightly soluble in water and in oil. The solubility in water varies by pH value, and is a litter larger in neutral or weak basic solution than in acid solution.
pH: 8.5-10.0 (1% suspension in water, 20°C)
pKa: 7.4
Thickening: Piroctone olamine increases the viscosity of many surfactant system.
a) pH: Stable in solution of pH 3 to pH 9.
b) Heat: Stable to heat, and to short time of high temperature above 80°C Piroctone olamine in shampoo of pH 5.5-7.0 remains stable after one year of storage at a temperature over 40°C
c) Light: Decompose under direct ultraviolet radiation. So it should be protected from light.
d) Metals: An aqueous solution of piroctone olamine degrades in the presence of cupric and ferric ions.
Piroctone olamine is a broad spectrum of microbiocide/microbiostat, may be used in formulating antidandruff shampoo, hair keep and hair care, soap, etc.. It is also used as preservative and thickening agent.

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