Escalol HP-610

Escalol HP-610

Chemical name(INCI) :  Dimethlypabamidopropyl Lauryldimonium Tosylate (and) Propylene Glycol Stearate.
Cas # :   156679-41-3
Items                             Properties 
Molecular Formula     C26H48N3O+.C7H7SO3-
Molecular Weight        589(typical)
Appearance                 Waxy solid, containing <20% water 
MP/FP or PP Deg C    50-60 
Other Properties          l max.=305nm 
Activity                            65% 
Melting Point                50°-60°C
Boiling point                 >280°C
Specific Gravity            1.14
Vapour Pressure        <4.5x10-6kPa
Water Solubility           164mg/L at 20°C
Characteristics and Application :   
The reaction product of dodecyl tosylate and 4-dimethyl- aminobenzamido propylamine. 
Escalol HP-610 is a new hair protectant which was designed to protect hair, especially when applied via rinse-off products, and leave the hair feeling natural and full of body. Conditioners can temporarily mask damage from the sun. Escalol HP-610 helps to prevent damage for long term benefits.
Escalol HP-610 is a new material that is designed to protect hair from the damage that is caused by sun exposure. Specifically, Escalol HP-610, which is derived from dodecyltosylate and 4-dimethylaminobenzamido propyl amine, protects the hair from UV-B radiation which can cleave disulfide bonds, decompose tryptophan, roughen hair, and lead to hair breakage. Importantly, because it is cationic, Escalol HP-610 is substantive to the hair. Also, a tosylate counterion provides improved mildness over common chloride derivatives.
Escalol HP-610 offers a significant improvement in hair protection technology. 
It can: 
·Reduce Tryptophan degradation by up to 25% 
·Reduce disulfide bond cleavage by up to 45% 
·Reduce hair surface damage by up to 2.6 times that afforded by sunscreens

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