Carsoquat SDQ-85

Carsoquat SDQ-85

Chemical name :    Stearalkonium Chloride
IUPAC name : benzyl-dimethyl-octadecyl-azanium
CAS # : 122-19-0
Chemical Formula: C27H50N+ 
Appearance: White to off-white flake with a mild, soapy odor.
Characteristics and Application :  
Carsoquat SDQ-85 is an 85% active flake of stearyl dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride. This product has a long history of use as an ingredient in hair conditioners and cream rinses where it imparts improved wet and dry combing and better manageability. 
Carsoquat SDQ-85 is a flaked form of stearalkonium chloride. Widely used conditioning agent for detangling. Wet and dry compatibility and static control. Does not contain Stearyl Alcohol,which serves to increase formulation flexibility. 
Compatible with inorganic detergent builders, organic chelates, nonionic surfactants and polar solvents. Forms ion pairs with anionic soaps and surfactants.
Carsoquat SDQ-85 use in hair conditioners and crème rinses.
White flake solid, good solubility, low odor,low foam.In the wide PH value and temperature range is stability.Have a good effect of anti-static and conditioning to improve the wet and dry combing of hair, make hair soft and elegant.Not suitable for anion system.Widely used in transparent hair gel,water gel, perm water, disposable baking hair oil of hair care products.

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