INCI name : Water (and) Algae Extract
Characteristics and Application : 
Seamollient has the ability to bind moisture and hydrate the skin. Some call it "Nature's Face Lift" as it provides your skin with a tightening effect on your skin.Contains ability to bind moisture and hydrate skin. Known as "Nature's Face .
Algae Extract Seamollient's blend of sea plants is legendary for its unsurpassed ability to add texture and viscosity control to finished formulations. Seamollient provides sustained feel enhancement and improves the aesthetic properties of virtually any product. Seamollient binds moisture and hydrates hair and skin. Its film forming characteristics provide a perceptible skin tightening effect on dry down, and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. For hair care products, Seamollient can be considered as a substantive glossifier, providing luster and building body.

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