Oat β-glucan

Oat β-glucan

●Significant anti-aging effects, reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity, improve skin texture degree
●Unique straight-chain molecular structure, as the release of the active ingredient carrier, absorbed through skin has good performance
●Promote fibroblasts synthesis collagen, promote wound healing, repair damaged skin
Natural biological polymer moisturizing factor, hold concurrently keep moisture, repair, antiphlogistic, antioxidizing functions. The nature is stable, water-soluble, its unique of long-term moisturizing effect, in product daub 24 hours is still outstanding performance. Can help renew and repair nervous skin, reduce the wrinkle skin, improve skin moisturizing effect and firming smoothness, promote the scars of healing and regeneration, widely used in anti-wrinkle anti-aging products, moisturizing and prevent bask in the sun and after repair products, relieve sensitive model skin effect and type in the cosmetics products.

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