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Humam-like collagen

Posted at 09/11/02
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Humam-like collagen

Product Name:Humam-like collagen

Solubility: It is soluble in water.

Recommendatory amount of usage: 110%

Collagen was one kind of protein mainly existing in human skin, skeleton, cartilage, teeth, tendon, ligament and blood vessel, and it was a very important structural protein to support and to protect organs and body. Collagen was the most protein in human body and its content was 25~33% of total proteins and 80% of the skin composition which was almost equal to 6% of bodyweight.

Collagen family included 19 kinds of collagens and over 10 kinds of collagen-likes. According to its function and the characters, it could be classified into fibrous collagen, net structural collagen, cross-membrane collagen, newly collagen and the protein with tri-helix structure but no being defined etc.. Each structure of collagen adapted to its function, there were several different collagens in the same tissue but one was primary usually.


Beautiful appearance needed interior support, collagen was the principal supporter. With the development of science and technology, people's understanding was improved gradually, so the cosmetic roles of collagen were widely noticed and approved in different countries and races.

Collagen was the abundant protein in animal skin or organ, main composed of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, it was very important to human body. As for cosmetic, it could maintain water, defend wrinkles, resist radiation, and keep skin elasticity. The reduction of collagen's content would result in many syndromes, such as wrinkles, coarse skin, black stains, freckles, black eye socket, eye dropsy, baldheaded, face blister, acne, etc.

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