Chemical name :   Water & Urea & Yeast Amino Acids & Trehalose & Inositol & Taurine & Betaine
Recommended dosage :   1-5% 
Characteristics and Application :  
Arch Personal Care Products has developed DermaFlux, an innovative natural active designed to regulate the ability to channel moisture to the areas where it is needed most. This effect is achieved via upregulation of the key water channeling protein called Aquaporin-3. DermaFlux also controls water balance within the cellular membrane due to the presence of 3 key osmolytes and a sugar. DermaFlux keeps cells plump with moisture. 
DermaFlux is comprised of three key water flux ingredients including: 1) an aquaporin regulator, 2) three key osmolyte regulators and 3) cellular membrane water control sugars. The multiple ingredients have been carefully formulated to provide a product that is physiologically optimized for its ability to influence cellular water flow. 
Uses : 
Face/body creams and lotions, eye creams,all anti-aging products; body treatment;make-up, suncare.

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