CollagenⅡ(Adible level)

CollagenⅡ(Adible level)

The origin: Cartilage extract of chicken, cattle, fish and pig
Ingredients: GAG≥28% 
Collagen II≥65%
Performance: White or like white Power, slightly salty, adourlessness, hydrophilic
Biologic features: 5% aqueous solution has very strong viscosity, and has lots of active cell grains precipitate. GAG & Collagen II suspend in the aqueous solution as semi-emulsion.
Application: Medical, Health products, Nutrition foods, Nutritional additive of emulsifier drink. Being also manufactured as tablet, powder, capsule, drink and so on.
A. Prevention and treatment of the diseases related to degenerative skeleton recession.
The latest scientific research shows that osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, fracture, arthritis, osteonecrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, elderly fracture, cervical pain, shoulder pain, Lumbar disc herniation, joint pain and so on, are one kind of metabolic skeleton disease. Mainly, it is a bone nutrition disease which is caused by lack of organic collagen II supplement. The use of collagen II in this area greatly improves people’s life quality, not only treating but also preventing the disease.
B.Skin-care Nutrition
GAG& collagen II in Collagen II is the key substance which constitutes dermal skin layer and determines dermis metabolism. The new scientific research indicates that the 2% of collagen II in skin tissues may leads and absorbs moisture contents, thus keeping the moisture for skin. At the same time, it may also promote breast’s fibrous tissues renewal, and avoid breast sagging. The hair follicle will also obtain sufficient nutrition from dermis, which makes hair soft and shinny.
C.Adolescence growth promoter
In the process of skeleton growth, collagen II supplement has a decisive effect under certain hereditary factors. Along with the deep bone research, it is found that the organic substance is the factor which decides human height. The use of Collagen II represents that it is the first time for human to take the organic substances as the growth promoter.
D.Enhancing metabolism function and improving sub-health
The modern medical research shows that sub-health is a metabolic disease, which is a metabolic barrier caused mainly by insufficient synthesis of GAG&Collagen II. As a kind of nutrition supplement, Collagen II provides an effective protection for a health life for people who pursue health and improve the life quality.
E.Pregnant&Lactating woman’s nutrition enhancer
PG, formed by Collagen II in the body, has many kinds of physiological functions so that it can ensure maternal and fetal health, effectively alleviate and avoid edema and stretch marks during pregnancy period and avoid the lactating woman’s stature distortion caused by the bone quantity loss during the pregnancy and lactating period. In addition, collagen II has a decisive effect on the enhancement of breast milk’s quality, and lays the foundation for baby’s healthy growth.

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