Ceraphyl NGA

Ceraphyl NGA

Chemical name :    maleated soybean oil
Category : Softener, moisturizer
Characteristics and Application :  
Ceraphyl NGA prevents dry crystals from forming in the lipid layer of the skin. Cells in this layer then behave like young skinIt also adds avobenzone, octyl salicylate and micronized zinc oxide for protection against UV light and sunburn.
The most advanced moisturizer is Ceraphyl NGA, which functions by reducing the excessive drying in the upper-layers of the skin. Drs. Stig E. Friberg and David W. Osborne showed that Ceraphyl NGA inhibits trans epidermal water loss by preventing the lipids (fats) from crystallizing. This mechanism is central to preventing dry, thin, leathery, dull, wrinkled skin. Ceraphyl NGA also seems to increase the effectiveness of sunscreens and enhance the receptiveness of skin cells to antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E.

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