Ceramide 3

Ceramide 3

INCI Name: Ceramide 3, milk lipids.
CAS# : 100403, 72968-43-5
Properties : 
Anti-aging & regenerating properties (replenishes loss of own skin-produced ceramides & recovers barrier function)
 minimizes skin irritations
 nourishes skin with milk lipids
 potent moisturizer (liposomes penetrate into skin preventing water-loss). 
Appearance :Yellowish liquid, faint odor,Soluble in water & oils, insoluble in alcohols.
Description :
N-acylated sphingoid identical to the natural ceramides in human skin; ceramide 3 is encapsulated in liposomes (from milk lipids) to enable skin penetration & enhance own synthesis of ceramides in the skin by the linoleic acid of the liposomes.
Ceramide 3 is the synthetic N-acylated phytosphingosine having the erythro structure thatconforms generally to the formula: where m has a value ranging from 12 to 28 in which the acyl moiety may be saturated, mono-unsaturated, or di-unsaturated and n has a value ranging from 10 to 20.
Characteristics and Application :
Anti-aging & anti-wrinkle products, pre/after sun lotions, protecting / nourishing & moisturizing skin care products, treatments for sensitive skin. 
In hair care formulations Ceramide 3 is able to restore damaged hair and to protect hair against chemical and UV damage. Ceramide 3: Reinforces the natural lipid barrier of dry and ageing skin. Improves long term moisturization and protects the skin from external influences. Repairs and protects damaged hair (mechanical properties, liveliness, combability, shine). Human-skin identical molecule. Natural product with high purity. Active at low concentrations.
Uses :
CERAMIDE 3 has reported used in the following product types: facial moisturizer/treatment; anti-aging; lipstick; sunscreen spf 15 and above; moisturizer; foundation; around-eye cream; lip gloss; conditioner; other products with spf .

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