CAS No:1333-86-4
Product description:
Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent 
Appearance: Black Powder or Granular 
Other Names: Pigment Black 6 


Main function

Machining features


Tire thread ,Body carcass,Transport leather belt, Hose,Cots, Rubber shoes, Wires & cables, Rubber product, Ink,Coaing, Plastic, Printing

Better reinforcing,low modulus, big elongation percentage,with better tear strength and flex fatigue

Product index:

Iodine a dsorption number,g/kg 82±5 
DBP adsorption,10-5m3/kg 102±5 
Compressed DBP adsorption rate,-5m3/kg/kg  83-93
CTAB Adsorption ratio surface 103m5/k  76-88
STSA 103M2/kg  75±5
Nitrogen adsorption ratio surface,103m2/kg  73-83
Tint strength,%  99-109
Heating loss,%≤  1.5
Content of ashes ,%≤  0.5
45um sieve residue,%≤  0.05
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